Capacitive/Resistive Touch Screen

Hardness 3H ~ 7H, Anti-fingerprint, Antiglare, Anti-reflective with optical bonding OCA/OCR.

We specialize in the design and manufacturing of resistive and capacitive touch screens that can range up to 32 inch. We proudly offer an extensive range that can cater to even the most demanding applications, with the features e.g. glove touch, anti-magnetic, anti-static, and etc. Whatever your project needs may be, we have a solution that can meet them.

High Brightness Solution

Up to 2,500cd/m², high uniformity, low EMI noise, long life, all materials compliant with ROHS.

Achieving a clear and visible display under sunlight is essential for various applications. We understand this need and offer high brightness displays with over 700cd/㎡, because ambient daylight illumination is around 30,000㎡ (107,600 LUX). Our high brightness displays have been installed in outdoor PDA, ATM, automotive, military, marine, and etc.

Low Power Consumption

Transflective can achieve low power consumption in both outdoor and indoor condition.

Transflective/Blanview TFT LCD is an excellent solution that’s specifically designed to reflect ambient light and eliminate the need for a backlight. This means that it is highly visible in both indoor lighting conditions and outdoor sunlight with no washout effect. It is an ideal option for use in PDA, bicycle computers, instruments, and other applications that require clear and visible displays in a range of lighting conditions.

Integrated Customization

Assembly the customized display module, FPC connector, touch panel, coverlens and driver board in one solution.

We value our strategic partnerships with key component suppliers that allow us to deliver stable, top-of-the-line solution to customer. Our professional team of engineers is always on hand to provide helpful answers to your queries and ensure that you receive the support you need. We take pride in our responsibility for every step of the product development process from the prototype stage to mass production.

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