10.4 inch High Brightness Screen IPS 1024×768

10.4″ 1300nits

LVDS 20 pins

100K Backlight

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Part Number
Diagonal Size
Panel Type
Graphic Display, TFT LCD, LCM
1024(RGB)×768, XGA  123PPI
Landscape type
Display Area
210.432(W)×157.824(H) mm
Outline Size
230(W)×180.2(H)×9.8(D) mm
Display Mode
SFT, Normally Black, Transmissive
Viewing Angle
85/85/85/85 (Typ.)(CR≥10)
1300 cd/m² (Typ.)
Color Depth
262K/16.7M   50% NTSC
Contrast Ratio
1000 : 1 (Typ.) (TM)
LVDS (1 ch, 6/8-bit) 20 pins
35/50 (Typ./Max.)(Tr+Td) ms
Operating Temperature
-30 ~ 80 °C
Outdoor High Brightness, Industrial

Product Overview

The P1040XGF1MA00, a 10.4 inch High Brightness 1024×768 IPS Screen manufactured by TIANMA, offers exceptional image quality, reliability, and versatility.

With its impressive specifications, including a high brightness rating, wide viewing angle, and anti-glare surface, this screen is well suited for a wide range of applications, from Industrial Control Systems to Outdoor Digital Signage and Medical Equipment.

When it comes to visual display technology, the P1040XGF1MA00 stands out as a top choice for those seeking superior performance.

10.4 inch High Brightness

One of the standout features of the TIANMA 10.4 inch display is its High Brightness level of 1300 cd/m² (Typ.). This exceptional Brightness ensures excellent visibility even in challenging lighting conditions, making it ideal for applications where Sunlight Readability is crucial. Besides, the screen’s high brightness, combined with its SFT/IPS technology, delivers vibrant colors and enhanced image quality.

  • Backlight Lifetime:

The 10.4 inch High Brightness IPS Screen 1024×768 boasts a WLED Backlight with a Lifespan of 100,000 hours. Which ensures long-term Reliability and reduces the need for Frequent Maintenance or Replacement.

  • Installation and Compatibility

The P1040XGF1MA00 is designed for easy Installation and Compatibility with different systems. It features a compact form factor with dimensions of 230(W)×180.2(H)×9.8(D) mm, making it suitable for various device designs. Additionally, it utilizes a 20-pin LVDS Interface, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of Controller Boards and System Configurations.

Weight 430 g
Dimensions 230 × 180.2 × 9.8 mm


Aspect Ratio


Refresh Rate

Input Voltage

3.3V (Typ.)


WLED [6S4P] , 100K hours , W/O Driver



Viewing Angel


Operating Temperature


Driver Board, Touch Screen, FPC Connector, Coverlens and etc.

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