11.6 NL192108AC13-02D NEC FHD 1920×1080

Industrial LCD

Screen 11.6″ IPS

Full Viewing

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Part Number
Diagonal Size
Panel Type
1920(RGB)×1080, FHD  190PPI
Landscape type
Display Area
256.32(W)×144.18(H) mm
Outline Size
Display Mode
SFT,Normally Black,Transmissive
Viewing Angle
88/88/88/88 (Typ.)(CR≥10)
450 cd/m² (Typ.)
Color Gamut
16.7M   70% NTSC
Contrast Ratio
1000 : 1 (Typ.) (TM)
eDP (2 Lanes), 40 pins
12/13 (Typ.)(Tr/Td) ms
Operating Temperature
-20 ~ 70 °C

Product Overview

The 11.6 inch FHD NL192108AC13-02D NEC/NLT 1920×1080 is an industrial-grade display that offers a wide range of features and capabilities. With its full HD resolution, ultra-wide viewing angle, high contrast ratio, and versatile eDP interface, this display is an excellent choice for a variety of industrial and commercial applications.

Whether you require a robust display solution for automation systems, transportation equipment, medical devices, or any other application, the NL192108AC13-02D is a reliable and cost-effective option that delivers exceptional performance and visual quality.

11.6 FHD NL192108AC13-02D Features

  • Manufacturer: NEC NLT

NEC NLT, a trusted manufacturer in the display industry, is known for its high quality and reliable products. The company specializes in developing and producing advanced display technology, which are used in a wide range of applications, from consumer electronics to industrial equipment. NL192108AC13-02D 11.6 inch 1920×1080 Screen is one such example of NEC/NLT commitment to delivery exceptional display solutions that cater to the unique requirements of various industries.

  • Industrial-Grade Display

As an industrial grade display, 11.6 inch NL192108AC13-02D is designed to be able to withstand tough conditions in various environments. With an operating temperature range of -20 to 70°C, this robust display can handle extreme temperature, ensure stable performance in even the harshest of conditions.

  • Wide Range of Applications

NL192108AC13-02D’s impressive durability and high quality visual output make it suit for a wide range of industrial and commercial applications. These include Automation Systems, Transportation Equipment, Medical Devices, and more. Its versatile design allows for seamless integration into systems of various industries.

  • Full HD Resolution

The 11.6 inch Industrial Display delivers amazing visual clarity with its full HD 1920×1080 pixels. This ensures that images and text are showing with exceptional sharpness and detail, provide users with an perfect viewing experience.

  • IPS Full Viewing Angle With SFT Mode

NL192108AC13-02D has the Super Fine TFT (SFT/IPS) technology, which provides an ultra wide, symmetrical viewing angle. This ensures that users can view the contents with minimal color shift or distortion, even when viewing from extreme angles. This is particularly beneficial for applications where multiple users need to view the display simultaneously or when the display is mounted in an unconventional orientation.

Weight 450 g
Dimensions 276.5 × 165.6 × 6.5 mm


Aspect Ratio


Refresh Rate

Input Voltage

3.3V (Typ.)


WLED , 30K hours , With LED Driver



Viewing Angel


Operating Temperature


Driver Board, Touch Screen, FPC Connector, Coverlens and etc.

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