7.8 inch Flexible OLED Screen Panel 1440×1920

Capacitive CTP


2 Port MIPI 16.7M

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Part Number
Diagonal Size
Panel Type
Flexible AM-OLED, OLED, Touch Screen
1440(RGB)×1920, 308PPI
Portrait type
Display Area
118.8 × 158.4 (H×V) mm
Outline Size
128.8 × 170.5 × 0.362 (H×V×D)
Viewing Angle
80/80/80/80 (Typ.)(CR≥10)
300 cd/m² (Typ.)
Color Gamut
16.7M 99% NTSC
Contrast Ratio
100000:1 (Typ.) (TM)
2 port MIPI
2 (Max.)(Ton+Toff) ms
Operating Temperature
-20 ~ 70 °C
Consumer Electronics

Product Overview

The 7.8 inch Flexible OLED Screen 1440×1920 Panel is fundamentally different from traditional rigid displays due to its unique structure and material composition. Its layers include a substrate, thin-film transistors (TFT), TFT passivation, grid anode, and an encapsulation layer, all contributing to its flexibility and durability.

AMOLED, or Active-Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode, is a type of OLED display technology that uses an active matrix system for addressing pixels. The technology has paved the way for the creation of flexible, bendable, and foldable displays, transforming our interaction with electronic devices.

7.8 inch Flexible OLED Screen Features

  • Display Size & Resolution

The 7.8 inch flexible OLED 1440×1920 screen has an active area of 118.8mm (horizontal) by 158.4mm (vertical), providing users with an expansive viewing area. Its high resolution of 1440×1920 pixels, coupled with an aspect ratio of 3:4 and a pixel density of 308 PPI, ensures sharp, crystal clear images.

  • Interface & Material

The 7.8 inch flexible oled panel is equipped with a 2 port MIPI interface, a widely used standard in the display industry, ensuring high-speed data transfer and excellent performance. The main material of the display’s casing is polycarbonate, known for its durability and flexibility.

  • Display Properties

The 7.8 inch Flexible AMOLED screen boasts of a high contrast ratio, wide color gamut, and full viewing angle, all of which contribute to a vivid and immersive visual experience. This display can achieve a maximum brightness of 300 cd/m² and supports a color depth of 16.7M (3*8bit), rendering images with exceptional color accuracy and depth.

  • Touch Sensor

The full set of this display supports touch function, accentuating user interaction and engagement. It features a multi-fingerprint touch sensor, allowing for a seamless and responsive touch experience.

Dimensions 128.8 × 170.5 mm


Aspect Ratio

Refresh Rate




Power Consumption

2.7W (Typ.)


Viewing Angel


Operating Temperature


Driver Board, Touch Screen, FPC Connector, Coverlens and etc.

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