8.4 inch Cost-effective TFT LCD IPS Panel 768×1024


Truly 8.4 inch

LVDS 700nits

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Part Number
Diagonal Size
Panel Type
Graphic Display, TFT LCD, LCM
Portrait type
Display Area
127.872×170.496 (H×V) mm
Outline Size
142.48 × 185.5 × 9.57 (H×V×D)
Display Mode
IPS, Normally Black, Transmissive
Viewing Angle
80/80/80/80 (Typ.)(CR≥10)
700 cd/m² (Typ.)
Color Gamut
16.7M   73% DCI-P3
Contrast Ratio
800 : 1 (Typ.) (TM)
LVDS (1 ch, 8-bit) , 20 pins
25 (Typ.)(Tr+Td) ms
Operating Temperature
-30 ~ 80 °C
Driver IC
HX8290*2 + HX8695
Industrial, Automotive

Product Overview:

The 8.4 inch Cost-effective TFT LCD IPS Panel 768×1024, exemplified by the TFT3P7533-E model from Truly, offers an affordable yet reliable display solution for a wide range of applications.

With its high resolution, wide viewing angles, and customization options, this panel is well-suited for industrial control, security systems, medical equipment, and portable devices. By choosing the TFT3P7533-E panel, product developers can ensure a cost-effective display solution without compromising on quality and performance.

For more information about the 8.4 inch cost-effective TFT LCD IPS panel 768×1024 and its customization options, please contact iFan Display sales team directly.

8.4 inch Cost-effective TFT LCD Features:

  • IPS Technology:

The TFT3P7533-E panel utilizes In-Plane Switching (IPS) technology, which ensures wide viewing angles of 80 degrees in all directions (80/80/80/80, CR≥10). This means that users can comfortably view the display from various angles without experiencing color distortion or loss of image quality.

  • Cost-effective Solution:

One of the major advantages of the TFT3P7533-E is its cost-effectiveness. Truly has designed this panel to offer a balance between affordability and performance, making it an attractive choice for budget-conscious projects without compromising on quality.

  • High Brightness:

With a brightness of 700 nits, the panel delivers excellent visibility even in brightly lit environments. This makes it suitable for outdoor applications or installations where ambient lighting conditions may vary.

  • LVDS Interface:

The panel features a Low Voltage Differential Signaling (LVDS) interface with 20 pins, enabling fast and reliable data transmission between the display and the host system. This interface ensures smooth operation and seamless integration into various applications.


Dimensions 142.48 × 185.5 × 9.57 mm


Aspect Ratio

Refresh Rate

Input Voltage

3.3V (Typ.)



WLED [8S3P] , With LED Driver


Viewing Angel


Operating Temperature


Driver Board, Touch Screen, FPC Connector, Coverlens and etc.

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