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For All Your Complicated Needs​​​​​​​​

We build LCD & OLED that fulfill your needs:

Wide range product, precise recommendations
Long time product lifecycle, come with upgrade
Processing materials prepared in advance
Good support for sampling and trail production
Displays and embedded system joint support

PRODUCT LCD OLED ifan display manufacturing 5.16
OLED LCD ifan display quality control and inspection 5.16

Our Innovations

Industry Focused Products!

AMOLED was used in mobile and wearable devices earlier years.  Thanks to reduction in production costs, OLED screens can now be found in medical, automotive, and military fields.  AMOLED has impressive features such as high contrast, fast response times, and low power consumption.

We highly recommend PCAP multi touch capacitive panels and 4/5/7 wire resistive touch panels as they are some of the most popular options available. Our touch screens support common interfaces I²C and USB.

TFT LCD is the widest range and cost-effective display, there are 0.96 to 32″ size within industrial-grade. Our TFT LCD can has customize brightness, viewing angel, resolution, interface, color gamut, operating temperature, connector, FPC, power consumption and etc.

At our site, you’ll find a comprehensive selection of displays, each with a matching controller driver board. Our boards can drive the resolutions of up to 4K and are equipped with a range of inputs, including HDMI, DP, VGA, and etc.

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